Public Art/Spaces

From an economic point of view, public art works add value to buildings around them, while they also increase tourism. Done on larger scales, art can attract a great deal of tourism and improve the economy. While from a public image perspective, areas with appreciated public art works and areas of beautiful design are less likely to have people dropping litter and making the areas degrade.

You can argue various perspectives of cost vs benefit, but there are many social indicators to show, as a people, we appreciate beautiful things, which increases our levels of happiness, while increasing the value and enjoyment of our lives.

We value every opportunity to speak about the benefits of art infused city planning and the benefits of public art works.

While we not only advise, we are always thrilled to be involved in any public art or city planning projects. Providing a full service of art curation, transportation, installation and maintenance.

We are a global company and can work in any country.