We propose artworks for a variety of spaces ranging from interior and exterior architectural environments to urban developments, and offer total support in design, production, installation and maintenance. We will provide the most appropriate solutions based on the needs and budget of your business plan.

Sometimes, you can contact artists directly, but we never advise this. As much as it might seem like a great idea, to deal directly with artists, as you might feel greater personal connection or maybe you feel it’s better to avoid any middle party in discussions, you run the risk of a number of problems.

Over the years we have seen first hand, many occasions of this happening. Much of the time, clients feel they can constantly ask artists to change elements of a project last minute, feel they are the employer of the artist and have every right to ask for updates and various other requests. While an artist simply wants to get the job done and finds client conversations a great distraction and occasional annoyance.

As we deal with artists and clients, every day, we understand the needs of both parties and facilitate commissions, where both parties are happy.

We work on every form of art imaginable and would be very happy to discuss your needs, at your convenience.

Please contact to discuss your commission request.