City Planning

We’re great believers in public art and design, being at the forefront of all city planning. Our CEO has spoken about this at various events, including Pecha Kucha in Japan. While it’s important to look at the ability to house our growing population, art and design must be an integral part of those plans,┬áto increase our quality of life.

We believe in mega cities, building up and not out. We believe in open air museums, parks, rooftop gardens and art being being everywhere.

We have and do advise on city planning around the world.

We are advocates of city planning having art, design and grand structures of architecture at the forefront of any city development.

We’ve found, that quality of life is forgotten in general city planning, where as it’s these things which increase our quality of life and are the cause of pride and value in our city. When you build for the sake of accommodating population numbers, without the vision of the factors which help to improve the quality of our lives, you create a downward spiral which will result in the need for future regeneration efforts and a great waste of resources.

To often, governments think of the next 5-15 years of city planning and not the next 30-100 years. We’ve seen in some cities, regeneration of the same area 3-4 times in less than 20 years. Why? Because we are so concerned about the short term and not the long.

We advise on engaging art, design and architecture into city planning and the results have an exponential affect. Where we can see people taking pride in their neighbourhood, finding time to walk and not drive, where people can have lunch in the park and not eat at home, where people are happier without even knowing why.

City planning for the sheer sake of accommodating increased population number, only benefits construction companies and although government needs to increase the GDP of ┬ácountry, which is partially based on housing construction, it’s this value of growth which is reducing our quality of life and should not be a part of GDP gauges.

We are always interested in advising regeneration and city planning projects, by looking at how art can be encompassed into those projects.