Artist Management

Roth Management started as company with the sole purpose of representing the business interests of the best young artists in the world. Giving them a platform to build a career and allow them to be full time artists.

We do, what others do not.

A normal gallery will look to represent the interests of an artist exclusively, but with little or no ability to do so, outside of their specific city or country (unless they have multiple galleries). While they might have a sterling reputation, they have no interest in the career of the artist in countries they do not profit from. Now, while we understand this is a business for a gallery, with overheads that need to be paid, the artist is not their priority and never has been.

What we do can be widely attributed to how actors have a manager or management team like CAA. We focus on the business side of art, allowing the artists to do what they do best and create art works. As a company we look at every aspect of developing a career for an artist, to make them self sustainable, support them and look out for their best interests.