Art investment

Our art investment division advises clients with various aims, from those with existing collections created by passion to new collectors looking to invest capital, and achieve long term capital growth.

With access to major private collections and the International auction houses, we offer a unique and discreet advisory service to suit both private individuals and institutions.

We are equipped to focus across the vast spectrum of art genres including old masters, impressionist, modern and a particular focus on contemporary art, as well as other areas upon request. We advise on the right time and location at which to buy and sell works of art as well as negotiating advantages, such as reduced commissions and enhancing auction prices. Our transparent fee structure and knowledge of conflicts of interest mean that private sales can be carried out with confidence. In order to achieve peace of mind whilst buying or selling works of art, we carry out extensive due diligence on all art sales.

With an increase in art theft, counterfeit art, galleries being caught commissioning fake works for sale and some auction houses being found lacking in their due diligence, it’s never been more important to have a close personal relationship with the people within the company you trust to represent your interests. To this end, our staff and CEO are always available for face to face meetings and conference calls.

We also advise on shipping and storage, as well as providing storage for art works.

While we advise on various art investments, we also have a public relations and management division that focuses on increasing the value of the artists we work more closely with. From having articles published in national publications and TV to gallery exhibitions and other ways to increase the value of that art.

We’ve had articles and stories in: The New Yorker, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, ITV, Channel 24, The Diplomat, Juxtapoz Magazine, Art Business News and many more.

When we started working with a young street artist in Japan, no one could see why we would. His name is 281 Anti Nuke and within one year of working with him, we turned him from being an unknown street artist to “The Japanese Banksy” or so The New Yorker said on Sept 1st 2013. While Reuters interviewed him a few months later, he was known internationally as the face of the Japanese Anti Nuclear movement. Which as an investment point of view, increased his value exponentially with Museums now looking to exhibit his work.

This is one example of how we stay actively invested in increasing the value of the value of your art works and something no other company in the world does to date. The reason for this is simple, as when they sell you art, they have no other way to make a profit and so their interest is gone and they hope the value increase by natural market growth, while we actively promote those artists and works.

After working with the artist Minjae Lee for 3 years, taking the value of his work from $500 per original to now being sold for unto $25,000 plus and as he’s only 23 years old, the long term progress of this artist is something we’ve been very active in. In 2013, he took the front cover of Art Business News for the summer issue of Top 30 Artists in the world under 30″.

This is again an example of how we stay involved with the artists we represent and continually promote their works, all the while working for you, to increase the value of your works.

Of course it;s not only artists we manage, that we promote and advise on buying, as it all comes down to your personal requirements. Are you buying as a long term investment? The size of your budget? Do you want a specific style of artist? Do you want to build a collection of art from a specific country. There are a great number of variable to buying art, which we are always very happy to discuss.

Please contact for all inquiries.