Country Managers

A very rewarding role within the company where you will be required work independently with direct guidance from our CEO, be very personable and show passion in your job.

As you will take a percentage of all fee’s generated within your country, for the right person, this is simply a wonderful part to play. We say part to play, instead of job, as we just don’t see this as a job, but a choice in your life, to make a life for yourself, based on your role as a country manager.


For more information please email (please state the country you reside in and languages you speak).


We currently work with various agents around the world and are actively looking for already established agents in different areas of expertise – Licensing, fashion, merchandising etc.

If you’re interested in knowing more about becoming an agent for Roth Management, please email (Please state your country of residence and languages you speak).


We’re currently looking for five interns to start in the new year (2014).

You will be asked to work independently on various projects from public relations, to a global artist residency program.

Please email for more information.