Satoshi Komatsubara

“16th Okamoto Taro Contemporary Art Prize winner”
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Born in 1989, Nara, Japan.


Artist statement

The normal meaning of art, is not a factor in my work. By starting from a point, an image forms. Merging images, shapes, lines and space into one. I explore the possibilities of free creation, by organic creativity. Endless images, within images, blurring the lines between imagination, the subconscious and reality. 
When I start with an image, I explore the possibilities of that piece, which is never ending. While you can see one individual piece, you can also see how they merge together, creating this never ending world of imagination.
By creating art endlessly, where one piece merges into another, it becomes impossible to find meaning. Where some will express their opinions of an artists works, it is their opinion and it’s hard to really understand if an artist ever had any real meaning that piece, while with my work, no one will ever be able to express such an opinion.
Like life, we try to find meaning in all things, but sometimes it’s simply what our minds create by themselves, to find understanding and order gives us gives us comfort. To find something we can not understand, gives us a greater desire to give meaning to a thing.


2011 Osaka University Arts Fine-arts subject of study  Graduation
2013 Osaka University of Arts Graduate School Art graduate course Art work speciality The first half of a doctoral course Graduation
2012 “Art Stream 2012″ Grand-prix
2013 A 16th Okamoto Taro  contemporary art prize and Special Prize
Group exhibition
2009 “the six! exhibition” ART COMPLEX CENTER OF TOKYO
2010  “Four Osaka University of Arts Fine-Arts Subjects-of-Study Exhibition” Kodaimaru Gallery
2010  “Binavi Exhibition” Mori Arts Center Gallery
2011  “Art Stream 2011″ Shinsaibashi Daimaru
2012  “Figurative Painting” Nanba Pax
2012  “Hiinatokimeguri exhibition” Tondabayashi, and Terauchi Town
2012  “Art Stream 2012″ Shinsaibashi Daimaru
2013  “16th Okamoto Taro Contemporary Art Prize” Taro Okamoto Museum of Art
2013 “Immerse Yourself” Ryan Roth Galleries – Tokyo
2013 “Art works for the Cure” – Los Angeles
Private exhibition
2010「KOMATSUBARA SATOSHI exhibition」 MCgallery