Controversial chinese Street artist


Artist Statement

Beijing, China has significantly changed in the past ten years. For one thing, hosting the Olympics brought China to another level in their history, putting them squarely in the centre of the world stage. If you ask anyone on the streets “Beijing has changed in the last 10 years?”, everyone will say, yes.

As China’s evolution continues, so does the art. More and more artists are making their footprint upon cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Some of the growing art movement involves a good amount of street art, and one example of a local Beijing street artist is ROBBBB.

ROBBBB creates pieces of art to make people think and to create social exchange. He says “when people are affected by and begin to think as a result of looking at one of my works… that’s the start of an exchange… that’s what gives meaning to my work.” ROBBBB’s pieces show a middle finger flipped up, a Mother and child holding one another for protection and a dancing ballerina. His works provoke social thought, but also bring a splash of beauty in an otherwise neglected part of the city.