281 Anti Nuke

“The Japanese Banksy” – The New Yorker – Oct 1st, 2013

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In 2013, 281 had two solo exhibitions in Tokyo (both sold out) and one group show in Los Angeles, where limited edition prints valued at $200, sold at auction for $1500.

KENTA MASUYAMA (aka 281 and 281 Anti Nuke) is a notoriously respected Japanese street artist. His focus is to create intelligent, graphic street art intended to educate people in Japan on issues regarding politics, law, nuclear and other sobering matters. Masuyama splits his time between Tokyo, London and New York City; and he has been featured and interviewed in hundreds of publications and networks around the world including: Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, The Economist, Financial Times, Giant Robot, Channel 24 and The Diplomat to name a few. The works of 281 carry a message/design of deep meaning, yet presented in a simple way, saying so much from showing so little.

Creating awareness of an issue through art is the prime objective of Ai WeiWei, Banksy and 281 Anti Nuke.