Roth Management is a company that actively supports all aspects of art.

In 2013, Ryan Roth, became recognized by The Guardian and Courvoisier’s The Future 500 Network as one of the top 500 cultural influencers in the world.

Our objectives in Roth Management are to support: artists and their works of art, art that expresses the spirit of modern day, art that can be appreciated in the future, the promotion of art through a global and local perspective, and the emphasis of art on society. Our beliefs are based on the fundamental belief that art is a quintessential aspect to the human experience. In being subjective to the art we see, we allow art to touch us in ways that are indescribable and unique.

Our company selects artists, and works of art, based on the mantra that art should be judged on its impact on the individual and society. Artists everywhere continually progress and develop new ideas, new techniques. What an artist makes today could be a masterpiece tomorrow.

We select art with social and environmental contexts in mind; art should be wisely chosen for the perfect areas for urban development, and includes home living spaces as well. The selection process should not be rushed, rather it should be given careful consideration. At Roth Management, we believe that time is of the essence, so we put a lot of thought into our selection process.

Roth Management has great reverence for all countries, prefectures, states, and cities because they are all melting pots of various cultures. As we study the relationship between art and cultures within different countries, we continue to gain more unique perspectives on the local and international art experiences. To help with this process, we work with artists to select the appropriate artworks for our assortment of projects.

Our company acts as a catalyst for the upcoming generations of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists. We provide career management and assistance with public relations. Roth Management looks at the prospective international influence of an artist; we work with agents and galleries around the world to help artists present their works to people everywhere.

Since 2009, Roth Management has grown and now manages art funds for private and corporate clients, advises on public art projects, and consults on interior design and art licensing.

Roth Management’s main objectives:

To find and present the best young artists in the world

To select and commission the most suitable works for interior and exterior environments

To promote various artists and projects to achieve a positive experience for art watchers

To support a variety of charitable causes, including: Artworks for the Cure, Aids Walks: Los Angeles, Global Green USA, The Frank Nelson Fund, and many more

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Roth Management’s philosophy: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” – Winston Churchill

Founded – 2009